All-in-One Box ~ Probiotic-Prebiotic-Symbiotic

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All-In-One Box ~ Probiotic-Prebiotic-Synbiotic

This Gift Box contains:

  • Classic Line

Mas Newen Lemongrass Shampoo, Rice Bran Conditioner, Cinnamon Bodywash

Content: 3 x 250ml

  • Prebiotic Bath Crystals

Relieves tension, nourishes the body.

This limited edition of Mas Newen Prebiotic Bath Crystals contains magnesium crystals that, combined with the powerful Cochayuyo seaweed, give relieve to your tired feet and body. The essential oil of Eucalyptus has a antibacterial purpose and opens your airway.

Great when you feel like your immune system can use some support!

Ingredients: Cochayuyo seaweed, Magnesium crystals, Eucalyptus essential oil

Content: 260 g

  • Liquid Ormes "Winterglow" (50ml)

Life-force elixir. Minerals for the body & light for the soul

LIQUID ORMES * Winterglow * (chai flavour) - A true winter boost!

The Winterglow Elixir is a multilayered life-force elixir designed to rejuvenate and replenish energy reserves, especially so needed in wintertime. A true winter boost!

This elixir provides strength and warmth for body & soul, encouraging a healthy physical and mental balance. 

“Winter glow” contains a broad-spectrum of minerals derived from salts and plants in bio-available form, delivering the minerals deep into the cells whilst transporting energetic information (frequencies) from the spirits of flowers, plants and gemstones into the energy-body. Adaptogenic herbs strengthen and calm the nervous system and restore the adrenal glands, activating “chi” (life-force energy) in the body.

Content: 50ml

Ingredients: ormus minerals (ormes), fulvic acid minerals, ginseng, ashwagandha, shilajit, various salts, chai spices, frankincense, baltic amber, essences of; geranium and sunflower, elite shungite, carnelian, moldavite.

  • Gift Box 

Beautiful products belong in beautiful packaging; a lovely box and tucked into a biodegradable bag ~ tuck in the ground and when Spring time comes flowers will flourish.

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More information on the Ormes Mineral Elixer

The Mineral Elixer "Winterglow" benefits:

- Replenishing overal energy reserves

- Alleviates stress

- Calms anxiety, soothes nerves

- Activates chi in the body

- Stimulates the intellect

- Protects from negativity (environment, EMF’s, your own thoughts)

- Strengthens the will

- Promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression

- Enhances libido

- Reduces pain and clears negative energy

- Clears depression

- Promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression

- Cultivates wisdom, balance, patience, helping to create equilibrium in body and mind.

Energetic Profile:

The Elements:

fire and earth

Ruling planets:

saturn, the sun, jupiter

The Three treasures:

chi & jing


Lola’s Ormus Elixirs are rejuvenating alchemical mineral supplements with spiritual properties. Each elixir formulated and designed by Lola’s Alchemy has different properties and energetic workings.

Ormes (orbitally re-arranged minerals) are alchemically derived from salts. Ormes rejuvenate the cells of the physical body, improve cellular communication and DNA repair and have the ability to travel through the meridian system.

Lola’s Ormus Elixirs not only replenish the physical body with nutrients, they also energise the light body, enhancing healthy energy-flow. That’s why we also call them “Life-force elixirs” or “high frequency elixirs”.

Inspired to bring well-being, Lola’s Alchemy’s formulations and are like messages in a bottle.

Each elixir brings a different experience.

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